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:: Welcome ::


Welcome ladies and gentlemen ~

This group is dedicated to the famous manga/anime : Kuroshitsuji also known as Black Butler.
By Yana Toboso ^^

You can submit anything (Two submissions per day) related to it. Kuroshitsuji, anime, OVAs, manga, musicals, or the live action movie. But no official merchandise unless you have done something creative with it. For example, having your plushies have a tea party. Manga pages will only be accepted if you have colored or other-wise edited them.

You'll find different gallery folders in our galleries.
Please be nice, polite, and have fun here with us !

Thank you :iconblackheartplz:


Gallery Folder Information:
:bulletgreen:Featured - This folder is for Contest winning entries and (This folder's further use is currently being discussed)
:bulletgreen:New Submissions - This folder is where members can submit their Kuroshitsuji//Black Butler things. whether it is art, fanfics, edits, cosplay, etc. From here our Admins will sort them to the correct folders later.
:bulletgreen:Purchasable - This folder is full of goodies you can commission from artists. No selling one-time items such as used cosplays. We want to feature wonderful artists who work hard to make things to buy. If you wish to have your samples added, please send us a note. and we'll review it. (Please know that any transaction is solely between the buyers and sellers and we, the admins of this group, take no responsible thereafter.)
:bulletgreen:Demons - This folder contains all canon demonic characters such as Sebastian, Claude, Pluto, etc. Groups and pairings of demons only can also be found here.
:bulletgreen:Humans - This folder contains all canon human characters such as Ciel, Lizzy, Finny, etc. Groups and pairings of humans only can also be found here.
:bulletgreen:Reapers - This folder contains all canon shinigami characters such as Grell, Undertaker, Alan, etc. Groups and pairings of reapers only can also be found here.
:bulletgreen:Miscellaneous Characters - This folder contains all canon characters who are not demons, humans, or reapers such as Droccell, Angels, Bizarre Dolls, Witches, etc. Groups and pairings of these "other" characters only can also be found here. Snake is includes here as it is unsure as to if he is fully human at this point.
:bulletgreen:Mixed Pairings and Groups - This folder contains groups and/or pairing pictures of any canon mixed "race" from Kuroshitsuji//Black Butler. For example, SebastianxCiel or GrellxAngelina can be found here as well as groups containing at least two different "races" of Kuro characters.
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People have wandered and discussed on whether this new series will be a "Season 3" (ie. a continuation of Season 2 anime), or a complete reboot altogether that follows the manga. We've gotten our answer now; this brand new series we'll be getting is neither of the aforementioned above.
As the title of this journal suggests, the new Kuroshitsuji anime series will be:


Kuroshitsuji: BOOK OF CIRCUS

it is not  a complete reboot like what many fans had hoped; but nothing is lost, as what the majority wanted, the new series will now follow the manga :la::heart:
needless to say that I screamed my lungs out when i heard this news from Funtom's Candy who had kindly translated bits of what is posted on Kuroshitsuji twitter as well as the website for us international fans ^ q ^

This information is revealed over at AnimeJapan 2014 yesterday (March 22nd 2014), in which Daisuke Ono, Sebastian's seiyuu is present for the event.
Kuroshitsuji: BOOK OF CIRCUS will premiere on July 2014. I've people getting caught in the rumor that Kuroshitsuji anime will air in May, and that is not true (and I have no slightest idea as to what caused the rumor). You can check the PV over at which shows when it will air. Sadly, the PV is currently region-locked (can only be viewed if you're in Japan or using a Japan region proxy) but I've uploaded the vid from youtube here for your viewing! (you can also view the PV on funtomscandy.tumblr) The preview really got nothing new for the fans who faithfully read the mangas, but for those who have only seen the anime, it's quite a fresh material!

:heart: As for the seiyuus:

   Daisuke Ono as Sebastian Michaelis
   Maaya Sakamoto as Ciel Phantomhive
   Mamoru Miyano as Joker Ayahi
   Takagaki as Doll
   Yuko Kaida as Beast
   Nobuhiko Okamoto as Dagger
   Takuma Terashima as Snake
   Hiroki Touchi as Baldroy
   Yuuki Kaji as Finnian
   Emiri Katō as Mey Rin
   Shunji Fujimura as Mr. Tanaka
   Noriaki Sugiyama as William T. Spears
   Kenn as Ronald Knox
   Jun Fukuyama as Grelle Sutcliff
   Shinnosuke Tachibana as Soma Asman Kadar
   Hiroki Yasumoto as Agni
   Yukari Tamura as Elizabeth Midford
   Koji Yusa as Lau
   Sayuri Yahagi as Ran-Mao
   Junichi Suwabe as Undertaker
   Hisayoshi Suganuma as Fred Abberline

AnimeJapan 2014

Name of Image

That's all? Kuroshitsuji is only getting a single arc of the manga storyline animated?
NOPE. Apparently, it's not everything they had in store for us. If Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus will air on summer this year; Kuroshitsuji: BOOK OF MURDER will be screened on Fall over at theaters in Japan in a format of an OVA. Obviously, "Book of Murder" will cover the Murder Mystery storyline arc ^q^

Murder Mystery Arc

A bit weird, eh? An OVA screened on theatres; it sounds like a movie to me.
Further details (ie. seiyuu, length of the OVA, etc.) on Kuroshitsuji: BOOK OF MURDER has not been revealed yet. Still need to wait patiently . . . .

Anyway, how do you feel about this? We're certainly excited to see my absolute favorite manga gets animated  :heart: we've been longing for this to happen for so long and I'm happy beyond words for this

Oh . . . and did I forget to mention that we're also getting a BRAND NEW KUROSHITSUJI MUSICAL as well?

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