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:: Welcome ::


Welcome ladies and gentlemen ~

This group is dedicated to the famous manga/anime : Kuroshitsuji also known as Black Butler.
By Yana Toboso ^^

You can submit anything (Two submissions per day) related to it. Kuroshitsuji, anime, OVAs, manga, musicals, or the live action movie. But no official merchandise unless you have done something creative with it. For example, having your plushies have a tea party. Manga pages will only be accepted if you have colored or other-wise edited them.

You'll find different gallery folders in our galleries.
Please be nice, polite, and have fun here with us !

Thank you :iconblackheartplz:


Gallery Folder Information:
:bulletgreen:Featured - This folder is for Contest winning entries and (This folder's further use is currently being discussed)
:bulletgreen:New Submissions - This folder is where members can submit their Kuroshitsuji//Black Butler things. whether it is art, fanfics, edits, cosplay, etc. From here our Admins will sort them to the correct folders later.
:bulletgreen:Purchasable - This folder is full of goodies you can commission from artists. No selling one-time items such as used cosplays. We want to feature wonderful artists who work hard to make things to buy. If you wish to have your samples added, please send us a note. and we'll review it. (Please know that any transaction is solely between the buyers and sellers and we, the admins of this group, take no responsible thereafter.)
:bulletgreen:Demons - This folder contains all canon demonic characters such as Sebastian, Claude, Pluto, etc. Groups and pairings of demons only can also be found here.
:bulletgreen:Humans - This folder contains all canon human characters such as Ciel, Lizzy, Finny, etc. Groups and pairings of humans only can also be found here.
:bulletgreen:Reapers - This folder contains all canon shinigami characters such as Grell, Undertaker, Alan, etc. Groups and pairings of reapers only can also be found here.
:bulletgreen:Miscellaneous Characters - This folder contains all canon characters who are not demons, humans, or reapers such as Droccell, Angels, Bizarre Dolls, Witches, etc. Groups and pairings of these "other" characters only can also be found here. Snake is includes here as it is unsure as to if he is fully human at this point.
:bulletgreen:Mixed Pairings and Groups - This folder contains groups and/or pairing pictures of any canon mixed "race" from Kuroshitsuji//Black Butler. For example, SebastianxCiel or GrellxAngelina can be found here as well as groups containing at least two different "races" of Kuro characters.
:bulletgreen:Cosplay - This folder contains all cosplay pictures. (Same with Cosplay 2)
:bulletgreen:Fanfictions - This folder contains all fanfictions except reader fics.
:bulletgreen:X Reader - This folder contains all reader fics.
:bulletgreen:Comics and Doujinshi - This folder contains all comic-style submissions. Ask style submissions will also be here
:bulletgreen:Crossovers - This folder contains any pictures that combines Black Butler with any other fandom.
:bulletgreen:OCs and Love Children - This folder contains all pictures that include original characters or children/babies of canon characters.
:bulletgreen:Dolls, Figures, and Plushies - This folder contains any dolls, plushies, and Figures. Both custom and official.
:bulletgreen:Miscellaneous and WIPs - This folder contains anything that does not fit in the above folders. Charms, Motivational and De-motivational Posters, Shirts, Shoes, Works in Progress, etc.







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Unedited copy-paste from the fanpage 黒執事 Kuroshitsuji
I just think that this is important for the Kuro fans to know so I thought I'd share.
Warning: LONG POST, please take your time to scroll down and read, if you'd like to know what happen to Yana-sensei during the Kuro 100th celebration. Sad things occur. Sensei wrote what she felt on her tuna-be here:…
These posts from tumblr users are the summary of what happened. Please keep reading.
[1st post]
   I’m literally so upset on behalf of Yana right now.
   (for those able to read japanese refer to her blog)
   But in short, people have been flaming her and Kuroshitsuji on the official twitter website, comparing Kuro to other GF works and have been saying some really mean things to her, and she’s really upset.
   Some excerpts:

   “I can reply to people that I will do better, that I will do my best to the people who say that my work is boring and bad, because that is their opinion and I think that having an opinion is fine. However to be compared to other works from the magazine (GF) and to be given such unfair marks is a huge shock to me.”

   "I’ve been meeting deadlines consistently and doing my best for the magazine, is that really such a bad thing to celebrate?”

   “I’ve been told some similar things in the past, but now I really can’t endure it anymore.”
[2nd post] - cielled at tumblr
petition to go flood yana with our appreciation and nice messages to cheer her up tbh >:C…
maybe i can compile a letter with all the nice comments and things we have to say and we can can send it to her???

(admin's note: unfortunately, this tumblr user, Cielled is closing the translation submission because she a LOT sent to her inbox so we can't submit anymore)

Funtom's Candy |

crimsoneyeddevil: Hey, I just wanted to ask if you know anything about the flame messages Yana-sama has been getting recently and her reaction to them? She seemed genuinely upset about it, as I read on another blog's post. May you have a lovely day, though :)

Reply by Funtom's Candy:
Hi, I don’t know much about this issue tho but for what I know, the kuroshitsuji official twitter & official site has been getting a lot of complains from Pandora hearts’ fans. apparently in this upcoming issue of GFantasy will release the last chapter from Mochizuki-sensei by this, many of the her fans expected a color cover or something special to commemorate the end of the series and unfortunately there’s none. because of this issue Kuroshitsuji (Toboso-sensei) has been harassed on twitter.


*disclaimer, my Japanese isnt good to be able to properly translate, so I’m writing what I can understand, I might be right as I might be wrong in many areas*

Toboso-sensei states on her recent post on her tuna account how sad she is about this matter, she also states that the kuroshitsuji twitter isn’t for her personal use, doesn’t log in daily & that any complain directed to her should be send to GFantasy’s.

She also say that the celebration of Kuroshitsuji’s 100th chapter has been planned since a year ago to be celebrated on this month’s issue. she also says something about she has been working without hiatus or getting sick and Square Enix celebrating with courtesy.

so saying things like “compared to other series, kuroshitsuji has a preferential treatment or has been prioritized or that it’s boring" makes her sad.

She says something that if other work(s) announce a commemoration cover & color pages she gladly could switch her publication date, as she’d done it in the past by adjusting her schedule!

she also thinks of other authors from the magazine as friends or comrades.


On other things, I read that Mochizuki-sensei wrote on her blog that it was her decision not to release a color page/cover!

you can read about her blog post here:…

personally I found it really childish of fans to harass authors over this, I’m not saying this because it’s about Yana-sensei, I would feel this way with any other author out there and if it was my fandom to do this with any other author I would feel really ashame.

I’m not blind, I’ve been a fan for so long & I know Kuroshitsuji has been a good income to Square Enix therefore I know that there are times when it gets prioritize, it’s unfair to other works (for example PH, Kimi to boku etc..) but unfortunately it is what it is, companies will always prioritizes what sells.


Adm: Thank you for reading until this point =)

Now I would like to ask all of you as a Kuroshitsuji fan, and as a nice person in general, to help cheer-up Yana-sensei. She must've been very upset and sad because of this happening, and I'm sure that her long post does not even convey half of what she felt.
Therefore, our support and words encouragement may just cheer up her days even just a bit, especially that she is working so hard on Kuro to be able to be enjoyed by us, it's just natural for us to give to her back.
Do write up any kind of support and kind words you could give to Sensei and Kuroshitsuji.
You could use Google Translate to write in Japanese for very simple words like "Please cheer up, Yana-sensei. We love you." that even google translate horridness can't mess up. See the "GUIDE" we have made just for you guys as to not get too lost on the GFantasy website in the comment section . (Though a simple googletranslate could help you with understanding the form)
If you would like to write a more complicated one, just use English; she may not understand many parts of the letter you sent to her, but it's the thoughts and intention that counts, right? Plus, it must've been refreshing for her to receive floods of mails using English once in a while =)

Here's the link to send Yana-sensei a message through the GFantasy magazine system:…
Your mail could mean the world to her.

Please share and let all of your Kuroshitsuji fellow fans know.
Thank you so much and I'm sure that our beloved Yana-sensei will get better!

[Bitter Rabbit]

*end of  post from the page 黒執事 Kuroshitsuji *

Also, check out  2014 Thanksgiving Contest Winner :heart: =) :cake:
First off, I want to thank everyone who participated in this contest. 8> You all did a great job.

Thank you for participating and making this contest a success.

So without further adieu.

The winner of the 2014 Thanksgiving Contest is:


Congradulations. 8> Please be sure to send me a PM with your mailing address so I can mail you your prize.
Don't feel discouraged if you didn't win this time around. Because soon there will be another contest coming up. So look forward to it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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