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:: Welcome ::


Welcome ladies and gentlemen ~

This group is dedicated to the famous manga/anime : Kuroshitsuji also known as Black Butler.
By Yana Toboso ^^

You can submit anything (Two submissions per day) related to it. Kuroshitsuji, anime, OVAs, manga, musicals, or the live action movie. But no official merchandise unless you have done something creative with it. For example, having your plushies have a tea party. Manga pages will only be accepted if you have colored or other-wise edited them.

You'll find different gallery folders in our galleries.
Please be nice, polite, and have fun here with us !

Thank you :iconblackheartplz:


Gallery Folder Information:
:bulletgreen:Featured - This folder is for Contest winning entries and (This folder's further use is currently being discussed)
:bulletgreen:New Submissions - This folder is where members can submit their Kuroshitsuji//Black Butler things. whether it is art, fanfics, edits, cosplay, etc. From here our Admins will sort them to the correct folders later.
:bulletgreen:Purchasable - This folder is full of goodies you can commission from artists. No selling one-time items such as used cosplays. We want to feature wonderful artists who work hard to make things to buy. If you wish to have your samples added, please send us a note. and we'll review it. (Please know that any transaction is solely between the buyers and sellers and we, the admins of this group, take no responsible thereafter.)
:bulletgreen:Demons - This folder contains all canon demonic characters such as Sebastian, Claude, Pluto, etc. Groups and pairings of demons only can also be found here.
:bulletgreen:Humans - This folder contains all canon human characters such as Ciel, Lizzy, Finny, etc. Groups and pairings of humans only can also be found here.
:bulletgreen:Reapers - This folder contains all canon shinigami characters such as Grell, Undertaker, Alan, etc. Groups and pairings of reapers only can also be found here.
:bulletgreen:Miscellaneous Characters - This folder contains all canon characters who are not demons, humans, or reapers such as Droccell, Angels, Bizarre Dolls, Witches, etc. Groups and pairings of these "other" characters only can also be found here. Snake is includes here as it is unsure as to if he is fully human at this point.
:bulletgreen:Mixed Pairings and Groups - This folder contains groups and/or pairing pictures of any canon mixed "race" from Kuroshitsuji//Black Butler. For example, SebastianxCiel or GrellxAngelina can be found here as well as groups containing at least two different "races" of Kuro characters.
:bulletgreen:Cosplay - This folder contains all cosplay pictures. (Same with Cosplay 2)
:bulletgreen:Fanfictions - This folder contains all fanfictions except reader fics.
:bulletgreen:X Reader - This folder contains all reader fics.
:bulletgreen:Comics and Doujinshi - This folder contains all comic-style submissions. Ask style submissions will also be here
:bulletgreen:Crossovers - This folder contains any pictures that combines Black Butler with any other fandom.
:bulletgreen:OCs and Love Children - This folder contains all pictures that include original characters or children/babies of canon characters.
:bulletgreen:Dolls, Figures, and Plushies - This folder contains any dolls, plushies, and Figures. Both custom and official.
:bulletgreen:Miscellaneous and WIPs - This folder contains anything that does not fit in the above folders. Charms, Motivational and De-motivational Posters, Shirts, Shoes, Works in Progress, etc.






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This will strictly be another fanart drawing contest. I'm hoping to get the bare minimum amount of participates this time around. 8> So please participate if you can. As you can see the rules are the same as the last contest. So if you've read them before feel free to skip down to the guidelines section to see what you have to do for your submission to qualify for entry.


1. Artwork must not be vectored, traced, taken, plagarised, etc from the manga or other peoples work. You must draw it yourself.

2. No original characters, my apologies.

3. You can use any characters from the anime and manga. If it's an official Kuroshitsuji character, you can use them.

4. Submissions must adhere to the guidelines that will be listed after these rules to qualify.

5. Absolutely NO adult situation pictures. This is an everyone can join contest. So keep it clean please. We have minors.

6. Must have atleast 10 people with submissions for the contest to follow through, if we don't reach that number, then the contest prizes will be held for a later contest. This is to prevent a one submitter, that person is the winner, issue.

7. You MUST be a member of the Black-Butler-Lovers group.

8. ONE submission per person for the contest This is to be fair to everyone.

9. Yes. Chibis are allowed so long as they follow all prior rules.

~Guidelines for you Submission to qualify~

The theme is Thanksgiving.

1. You must use 3 of the 5 items listed below for your submission to qualify for the contest. Again, this is NOT optional, you HAVE to have 3 of 5 in your submission. Otherwise it will NOT be accepted.

   * Turkey (obvious I know LOL, can be alive or cooked if people are wondering)
   * Pumpkin (Pumpkin pie doesn't count)
   * Cornucopia (For those who don't know what that is, here is a link:… , it's traditionally filled with fall fruits, vegetables, or the combination there of. No you do not have to use the traditional fruits and/or vegetables if you don't want to.)
   * Candles
   * Wine

2. You can use how ever much you want of a particular item listed as much as you want. AS LONG AS YOU USE 3 OF THEM.

Example: 3 pumpkins, 2 candles , and 1 bottle/glass of wine = 3 is being used.

10 pumpkins = 1 item being used. And does not meet requirements for contest.

3. Must have atleast 1 Kuroshitsuji Character. I don't care who it is, however minor or major.

4. Deadline for submissions is November 26th.


Quality of the work counts. Be as creative as possible. Think outside the box with the items, they are not meant to tie you down. 8>


The winner will receive a Sebastian and Ciel Plushie Set (regular attire type).
Winner's work will also be posted in the featured folder.

If you have any questions, please comment on this journal. I, Shunhades, will respond to them asap.

Winner will be announced the 1st of December. This is to give me time to look over submissions.
Well after doing a check of the contest entries. We only reached 7 of the 10.

Which means the contest did not follow through. So the prize will be held for a later contest. Which we'll hopefully get more participants for.

Overall most people understood the requirements for the submission of their contest entries. Which was good.

And I really loved the submissions that followed through with those requirements. You all were very clever.

But do not feel disappointed, just yet.

As I said since we did not meet the required number of 10 participants with approved submissions for the contest.

I will be holding another contest for the month of November. This time, with more time for those who wish to participate so they won't feel rushed on their entries.

I will be posting the information on the new contest on Monday or Tuesday. So please look forward to it.

Once again, those who participated in the Halloween contest did a great job. So hopefully having that contest though it failed will open the door for more people to be willing to participate in the upcoming contest.
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aryzennartealath Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have question about the contest
If I include the cornucopia does it have to be filled with vegetables or can I full it with people?
Shunhades Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Student General Artist
It can be full of people. The cornocopia is the thing that's filled with the fruits/vegetables. So you can fill it with whatever. I just put the example picture there cause I wasn't sure other people knew what it was.
aryzennartealath Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok thanks!
liloutegho Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  New member
i love undertaker
aryzennartealath Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So for the contest we can submit on the 21st?
Shunhades Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Student General Artist
yes....cause i passed out on the 20th due to being over worked. xD
aryzennartealath Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ok thanks!
I'm actually quite relieved cause I'm juggling my submission along with schoolwork and other art projects and half finished fanfics!

my a never ending cyclone of madness...

but thank you for the reply! ^-^
i think by the time i finish this i might pass out too "=_=
Shunhades Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Student General Artist
Just take your time. You have til the end of the month 8>
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Sesshomaru-love Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
hi dear admin ^^ one of commission i ask on Undertaker may interess you for your collection ^^ ^^ i wish you a wonderfull day Hug
DareDreemer Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you, Hun. We would love to feature it in our group gallery. I have sent an invitation and look forward to your acceptance. :hug:
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